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This top rated television series focuses on freediving and spearfishing filmed on location throughout many exotic destinations around the world. From Hawaii to Micronesia, the South Pacific to Indonesia, Hawaii Skin Diver offers viewers a rare and beautiful view of the oceans below which until now has only been explored by a select group of underwater thrill-seekers and aqua adventurers.

6:00 am & 3:30 pm

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12:00 am & 10:00 pm

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what's new on HSD TV

HSD TV January 2018
"12th Annual Gene Higa Spearfishing Tournament" Episode
Join Merlinda Garma at the 12th Annual Gene Higa Spearfishing Tournament on this months episode of Hawaii Skin Diver on channel 12 or 1012   

Hawaii Skin Diver Television Live
Watch Hawaii Skin Diver "LIVE" on Spectrum OC16 or log on to www.oc16.tv for more information more>.

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Red Sea Gyotaku
Originating in Japan during the 19th century, 'Gyotaku' (meaning "fish print") was developed to preserve the exact size of their trophy catch, and over the years has evolved into a beautiful art form.

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